Enjoy Tranquility and Respite at Lake Chatuge

Enjoy Tranquility and Respite at Lake Chatuge


As we stretch further into a bright new year, there’s no better time to pause and ensure we are creating new and better habits, taking care of ourselves and prioritizing time to unwind. At Lake Chatuge, our scenic oasis of natural beauty provides the perfect backdrop to destress, reconnect with yourself and others and leave the stresses of the real world behind. The wintery stillness of the North Georgia mountains mingled with the calm of the virtually undisturbed waters of Lake Chatuge create a destination that’s ideal for experiencing true tranquility.



One of the best ways to unwind at Lake Chatuge is by enjoying a relaxing, rejuvenating massage, facial or other pampering services from one of our deluxe spas, the Equani Spa at Brasstown Valley Resort and Spa and BodySense, a day spa and boutique located in Hiawassee. The Equani Spa, tucked away on Brasstown Valley Resort and Spa’s sprawling property, is secluded in a sanctuary of trees, wildlife and the natural beauty of our mountains. The spirit of the serene location and heritage of the Cherokee nation that once called it home are infused into the spa’s decor and healing practices. Here, you can lounge in steam rooms and soak in hot tubs, get a manicure or pedicure and get a variety of massages, among other services. Light meals are served with select packages. BodySense, located not far from our gemstone of a lake, also offers a variety of massage packages, as well as facials and eye and lip injection treatments. BodySense doubles as a relaxing spa and store, selling a variety of health and wellness products, make-up, home goods and more.  




    Another wonderful way to enjoy the ambiance of Lake Chatuge is by enjoying a relaxing stroll through one of our many hiking and walking trails. One of our best-hidden gems for an easy, relaxing outdoor stroll is Hamilton Gardens. Located near the Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds, this botanical garden blooms with a diverse number of vivid flowers in the warmer months of spring and summer, offers beautiful foliage in the fall and, in the winter, offers peaceful respite along wooded paths. The paths through the gardens loop down to reveal wonderful views of Lake Chatuge. Another beautiful under-the-radar area to discover lies in Tate City, a small area located just a few miles from Hiawassee. The community is remote, home to less than 50 people, and sits on the crisp, clear Tallulah River. Enjoy the calming and gentle sounds of the pristine waterway as you soak in the stunning natural beauty of this scenic spot. You can also learn about some of our more adventurous and lengthy trails, like the Miller Trek at Brasstown Valley Resort and Spa, by checking out our winter hiking guide!




    No trip to Lake Chatuge is complete without spending at least a little slice of time exploring our wonderful lake. With 130-miles of shoreline stretching through the mountains and across state lines, it is truly the crown jewel of our community and North Georgia as a whole. In the summer months, our waterway is buzzing with activity, with water skiers, fishers and boating enthusiasts alike taking advantage of its cool waters under a Georgia summer sun. In the winter months, however, our waters are often virtually undisturbed. It makes for the ideal conditions for gentle canoe and kayak rides across its sparkling surface. It’s also a wonderful time for quiet fishing excursions, with many of our fishing guides offering tours throughout the winter months.


Photo Credit: @IWally


    Our one-of-a-kind destination is an ideal place to unwind and escape for true relaxation. From our scenic natural beauty to our wonderful spas, you are sure to feel the stress melt away when you retreat to our slice of Georgia paradise. Don’t hesitate to see the benefits that true tranquility can bring by booking your getaway, with deluxe accommodations available at properties such as Brasstown Valley Resort and Spa. You’re sure to leave here rejuvenated and ready to tackle a bright new year.